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Does PPC Advertising Really Works?

Going by the recent scenario of the global market, companies ...

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PPC Outsourcing to India - Is It A Right Option?

More and more SEO/PPC companies have started to outsource...

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What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is nothing but a PPC advertising platform of Google where online advertising campaigns...

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Leading Provider of SEO/Pay Per Click(PPC) Outsourcing Services

FourPx is a leading provider of SEO/PPC outsourcing PPC-Outsourcingservices to clients who demand efficiency and predictability from their Pay Per Click(PPC) campaigns.

Our Services include SEO, Pay Per Click(PPC) advertising and Website design. Our team consists of experienced SEO / Internet Marketing Experts who can offer expertise in the areas like Web Promotion, Internet Marketing, PPC Campaign and Top Search Engine Positioning. We will create a professional looking web site with Onsite SEO standards.

FourPx Advantages

  • Dedicated Team
  • Manual Optimization
  • PPC Campaign Management
  • PPC Performance Report
  • Market Analysis Report
  • Custom made web designs
  • Quality Services

How We Can Help

  • Higher site traffic
  • More visibility
  • Greater brand recognition
  • Lower cost/new customer
  • Increased sales/leads
  • Precise ROI
  • Lower promotion costs

Pay Per Click(PPC) Advertising - Australia, US And UK Based Companies Outsource To India

With current global recession strongly holding back the GDP's of the developed countries, each and every company has jumped in to cost cutting measures and constantly scrutinizing the budget spent and trimming down the unnecessary expenses. Under this scenario, one might think that all the sectors especially Pay Per Click(PPC) advertising agencies might get badly affected due to the reduction in amount of PPC advertising budget spent for advertising online. But this is not the case one might think of.

The major reason why companies are opting to stick on PPC advertising is that though companies are in a cost cutting measures, still they have to spend on advertisements for acquiring/getting new clients for company's growth. So they are opting for PPC advertising as an advertising solution. In online advertising, companies have the option to generate leads via online and the probability of converting a lead from PPC advertising is also very high when it is compared to other modes of advertising. The other advantages of PPC advertising is that the leads are measurable, track able and it can also be analyzed and refined according to the company objectives and goals.

With that being said that on how companies are opting for PPC advertising as an advertising solution for their company's growth, one might wonder that "why PPC advertising companies are outsourcing PPC advertising projects to India?" The answer is very simple; these PPC advertising companies are also under cost cutting measures. So, they find it easier to outsource PPC advertising projects to India for reducing their cost further.

The following are the benefits that international PPC advertising agencies might enjoy when they outsource PPC advertising projects to India.

So these advantages have led Pay Per Click(PPC) advertising agencies to outsource to India even though during this economic meltdown.